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    Agana Naval Air Station, Guam
    Argentia Naval Air Station, Canada
    Atsugi Naval Air Station, Japan
    Bermuda Naval Air Sration, Bermuda
.Includes the Annex
    Cavite Naval Base, Philippines - Coming Soon!
    Diego Garcia Naval Base
    Guam Naval Station. Guam
.Includes Naval Magazine and NCS
    Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba
    Kamiseya Naval Radio Receiving Facility, Japan
    Keflavik Naval Air Station, Iceland
    Kenitra Naval Air Station, Morocco
.Once known as Port Lyautey. Also Includes Sidi Yahia NCS and Bouknadel NCS
    London, England
.Includes Naval Activites Bldg., Oxford House and Macrahanish Scotland Marine Barracks
    Londonderry, Northern Ireland - Coming Soon!
    Naha Naval Air Facility, Okinawa
    Naples Naval Air Facility, Italy
    Rodman Naval Support Activity, Panama
    Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Puerto Rico
.Includes Later Marine Guard Unit Sabana Seca NCS
    Rota Naval Air Station, Spain
.Includes Rota Naval Magazine
    Royal Air Force Naval Weapons Facility, England
    San Juan Naval Base, Puerto Rico
.Includes Earlier Marine Guard Unit Sabana Seca NCS
    Sangley Point, Philippines - Coming Soon!
    Sasebo Naval Base, Japan
    Shanghai, Peiping, China - Coming Soon!
    Sidi Yahia Naval Communication Relay Station, Morocco - Coming Soon!
    Sigonella Naval Air Station, Italy
    Souda Bay Naval Support Activity - Coming Soon!
    Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines
.Includes Cubi Point NAS and San Miguel NCS
    Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan
.Includes Atsugi Marine Barracks

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