Hello Marine,

Thank you for your request in adding your Marine Barracks to the web site. As a website, constructed for the soul purpose of recording the history of our former Marine Barracks, it is imperative that curtain bits of information be submitted to me and correct in detail.

Being the only Marine Barracks I was stationed at was Mare Island Naval Shipyard, I do not know of many other locations in which our Marine Barracks were located in the past. This is where you can help me out greatly.

There are curtain bits of information that I will need to know....

One) What was the exact title of the BASE that the Marine Barracks was located on? As in my Barracks, it was Mare Island, and it was located at Vallejo, California. This was a "Naval Shipyard". There were others, as in, "Naval Communications Station" "Naval Base" "Naval Air Station" and many other titles. So the information that I would have needed on my Barracks was Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The town or city which it was located in is not important, unless it is part of the Bases name.

Two) As of the Barracks I was stationed at, the Marine Barracks was located at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, but we also had another location that we guarded as well. We would be trucked out to Skaggs Island Naval Communications Station, located 10 miles north of Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Other Marine Barracks had several other locations as well. I will need to know what those locations were, if any, and please specify which location the main Marine Barracks was located on. Once again, I will need the exact title for that other location that your Marine Barracks guarded.

Three) There were also many Marine Barracks that were located at certain Bases, but were split up into many Companies, as the Marine Barracks of Subic Bay Naval Base. They had three separate Companies, which were located at Subic Bay Naval Base, Cubi Point Naval Air Station and another location at San Miguel Naval Communications Station. If this was also the way your Marine Barracks was situated, please let me know of each location and what company was in charge of that location.

Also, any pictures of the Base, Aerial photos, the Marine Barracks itself, or it's guard posts would be helpful. Personal photos are not recommended, unless it shows the duties of the post or formation of the Marines that were there, in an official capacity. Unfortunately, when personal photos are posted, that seems to be all that are sent later by others.

Once again, Thank You for any help that you could give me in these matters. As soon as I have the details of your Marine Barracks, as requested, I will have it posted on the site as soon as possible.

Semper Fi......... Jim Holub

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