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    23rd & Constitution Ave, Washington, DC - Coming Soon!
    32nd Street Naval Station, California
    Adak Naval Air Station, Alaska
    Alameda Naval Air Station, California
    Annapolis Naval Station, Maryland
.Includes the Guard Posts of Annapolis Naval Academy
    Bangor Naval Sub Base, Washington
.Formerly known as Bangor NWD
    Barbers Point Naval Air Station, Hawaii
    Bayonne Naval Supply Depot, New Jersey
    Boston Naval Shipyard, Massachusetts
    Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, New York
.Known earlier as New York NSY and New York Navy Yard
    Brunswick Naval Air Station, Maine
    Camp Dunlap, California
    Camp Elliott Naval Retraining Command, California
    Cecil Field Naval Air Station, Florida
    Charleston Naval Shipyard, South Carolina
    Charleston Naval Weapons Station, South Carolina
    Clarksville Base, Tennesse
.A highly secured area that could only be done right by Marines
    Clearfield Naval Supply Depot, Utah
    Cohasset Naval Magazine, Massachusetts
    Concord Naval Weapons Station, California
    Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, Texas
.Includes both Brig Platoon and Guard Platoon
    Dover Naval Ammunition Depot, New Jersey
    Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base, Alaska
    Earle Naval Weapons Station, New Jersey
    Fort Meade National Security Agency, Maryland
    Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station, California
    Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois
    Hastings Naval Amunition Depot, Nebraska - Coming Soon!
    Hawthorne Naval Amunition Depot, Nevada
    Higham Ammunition Depot, Maine - Coming Soon!
    Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, California
.Known earlier as San Francisco NSY
    Indianhead Naval Powder Factory, Maryland - Coming Soon!
    Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Florida
    Key West Naval Base, Forida
.Includes Boca Chica NAS
    Klamath Falls Marine Hospital - Coming Soon!
    Kodiak Naval Station, Alaska
    Lake Mead Base, Nevada
.A highly secured area that could only be done right by Marines
    Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersy
    Lemoore Navel Air Station, California
    League Island Naval Shipyard, Pennsylvania - Coming Soon!
    Long Beach Naval Station, California
.Includes Long Beach NSY
    Long Island Naval Shipyard, New York - Coming Soon!
    Lualualei Naval Ammunition Depot - Coming Soon!
    Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California
.Includes Skaggs Island NCS
    Memphis Naval Air Station, Tennessee - Coming Soon!
    Miramar Naval Air Station, California - Coming Soon!
    Moffett Naval Air Station, California
    New London Naval Sub Base, Connecticut
    Newport Naval Station, Rhode Island
    Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia
    Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia
    North Island Naval Air Station, California
    Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland
    Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii
    Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pennsylvania
Known earlier as League Island Naval Shipyard
    Pier 91 Naval Station Seattle, Washington
    Pocatello Naval Ordnance Plant, Idaho
    Port Chicago Naval Weapons Station, California - Coming Soon!
    Portsmouth Naval Prison, New Hampshire - Coming Soon!
    Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, New Hampshire
    Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Washington
    Quonset Point, Rhode Island
    San Francisco Naval Shipyard, California - Coming Soon!
.Known later as Hunters Point NSY
    Sand Point Naval Air Station, Washington
    Sanford Naval Air Station, Florida
    Savanna Naval Ammunition Depot, Oklahoma
    Scotia Naval Supply Depot, New York - Coming Soon!
    Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, California
    Sitka Naval Operating Base, Alaska - Coming Soon!
    Treasure Island Naval Base, California
    US Naval Gun Factory, Washington DC
    Wahiawa Naval Communications Area Master Station, Hawaii
    Waikele Naval Ammunition Depot, Hawaii
    Washington DC Naval Gun Factory - Coming Soon!
Known earlier as Washington DC Naval Yard and Washington DC Naval Weapons Plant
    Washington DC Naval Weapons Plant - Coming Soon!
Known earlier as Washington DC Naval Yard and Washington DC Naval Gun Factory
    Washington DC Naval Yard - Coming Soon!
Known earlier as Washington DC Naval Weapons Plant and Washington DC Naval Gun Factory
    West Loch Naval Weapons Station, Hawaii
    Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Washington
    Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Virginia

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