If you organize a reunion(s) for your Former Marine Barracks, this site
will be happy to post this info for you and update it as time goes on.
Contact the
WEBMASTER with your information.

9th Annual Birdcage
Marine Reunion

Will be held on...
May 19-20-21, 2011

Cass and I have consented to doing another reunion.  Frank Wood, who lives nearby has said he will help. 
This is the information that I have thus far.  We are planning to go to Washington, to see the Evening Parade. 
The dates are May 19-20-21, 2011. 
Due to costs, we will be staying at a hotel near to BWI airport rather than a hotel in D.C.
and will hire a bus or two to take us to 8
th and I on Friday evening May 20.

For a few years, I have been “kicking around” the idea of having some wounded vets from Walter Reed Hospital join us for a meal or cook-out on Saturday.  I thought it might be nice to get these guys away from their beds for a day.  I have finally made contact with someone at Walter Reed that I can work with.  The number of warriors we will have will depend on what we have to spend.  Right now, I am thinking of 20 or so.  It could be more or less.  My reason for writing this is that I don’t want to go further with this until I know your thoughts.  Your response will let me know whether or not I should go forward.  It will cost us a few extra bucks and I would like your input.  As usual, I will try to keep the costs as low as possible.

I would like hear from you ASAP either by phone 410-987-4422, note, or email
As soon as I get this info together I will get back to you about cost for hotels, food, etc. 
There is still a lot of work to do, so an early response would be appreciated. 
Either way, save the dates of May 19-20-21 for the Evening Parade at 8th & I

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