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Posted 7-4-01
Damon J Eversole, 94 - 96

I was stationed at Sasebo Marine Barracks From 1994 to 1996. I got there a Private and left a LCpl. I am now a SSgt at Pendleton.  If any one was there with me, please E-mail me.

Posted 7-27-01
Charles Austin

I was a Pfc-LCpl. stationed at Marine Barracks, U. S. Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan 1959-61.  Assigned to lstPlt., I pulled  Jeep Patrol, and MP duty downtown (paddy wagon driver).  Later transferred to Hdgtr'sPlt as SgtMaj Howard's mail clerk and driver.  Played with Marine Red team's, and football with the Sasebo Pirates.  Where have all of my ole Sasebo era teammates, and friends gone?  Would like to hear from all who served at the "best darn duty station in the Corps".

Posted 8-2-01
F.D. Rosebery, 1955

I am F.D. Rosebery,1385404.Slick-sleeved private at Sasebo.Served there in 1955. Have never met anyone else who was stationed there.Was a most enjoyable place to pull duty even when they busted the guys on outpost.I got lucky.

Posted 10-27-01
Les McCalip, 1st Platoon April 1961 - April 1963.

The greatest duty station that I ever had.  Arrived a Private left a Lance Corporal.  Spent all of my time as Jeep Patrol at the base, MP in town or out at the AMMO dump with the Japanese Patrol. Got alot of stories but probably none I could tell here.  I have heard that the MB is now gone, is that true?  What was the buglers name?

Posted 7-4-02
Ruben Chavira, 1972 - 1974

Arrived in Sasebo as a PFC, April 1972. Left a Sgt., February 1974. Anybody remember being there with me? We played football against the Navy, went to Sailor Town and hung out at the Zig Zag Club in Japanese town.

Posted 8-20-03
Keith Vogler, Corporal, 1963 - 1965

Worked in the office under a Staff Sgt but can't remember his name.  A Marine by the name of Reddig also worked there.  I was transferred to 2nd platoon and shared a cubicle with Halley and others.  Can't remember too many names---an age thing.  A reunion would be great.

Posted 9-2-04
Joe Migiel, 1996 - 1998

Hey Marines, My name is Joe Migiel and I served in Sasebo from '96-'98 and had a wonderful time as well.  I keep in touch with a couple guys that were stationed there with me.  They closed the place after I left while I was with a Fleet unit at Pendleton soon after.  We should Swap stories sometime. I got out of The Corps and just graduated from college in May here in Iowa.  Talk to ya soon. -Joe.

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