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Posted 12-6-99
Walter Baschnagel, Staff Sergeant, 1953-1956, Barracks Legal Chief

Renlisted for the 2nd time while stationed here.  CO, Col Pefley; Adj's Capt Medeiros, Capt Donohue; Supply O, Lt Green; Guard O, Capt Dorsa; Armorer SSgt Stan Yaknoss; Disbursing, TSgt Art Juliano; MessSgt, TSgt Ski; lstSgt Bill Williams; SgtMaj Willie Hamblin; etc.  Many others come to mind also.  Lots of sea stories also come to mind.  If any of these Marines, or others, are still around would enjoy hearing from them.   Walt Baschnagel, Capt-Ret'd

Posted 2-16-00
LCpl A. Fitzgerald, 1985-1988

LCpl A. Fitzgerald, Stationed at the barracks 1985-1988. It soon turned into F.A.S.T. Company. I worked the gates and was duty driver along with Cpl of the Guard on occasion. I was roommates with LCpl C. Johnson and LCpl Green. I also have some pics but don't have a scanner.I have pics of the front of the barracks and parade deck. Commanding Officer was Col. Gehrety and then Col. Riner. I accept E-mail. Semper Fi!

Posted 3-14-00
Sgt. William C. Hunt, 71 - 73

Served as Sgt. of the Guard, Armed Forces Staff College from 1971 to1973.

Posted 9-5-00
Jack LaBrecque, 59 - 61

Norfolk Marine Barracks was my first duty station, out of ITR, in 1959. I spent a year at NOB and finished out another year at Armed Forces Staff College before being transfered to Lejeune in 1961.  It was a great tour of duty with memories that will stay with me forever.  While at the MB, I stood just about every Gate and post.  I spent most of my guard tours on Gate 2 and Gate 4.  At AFSC, my main duty was the Admin Building and the special seminar that was flown into Norfolk twice a year.  Memories of the Fleet Landing Restaurant, just outside of Gate 2, make some great "sea stories".  Also, things like the Base Police and the Shore Patrol surounding Marine Barracks for the Marine Corps Ball in 59 sort of bring a chuckle. Semper Fi

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Posted 1-27-01
Robert Getsy, 57 - 58 (updated 9-16-08)

I was stationed at Marine Barracks from 4/57 to 10/58. Worked all the gates and Armed Forces Staff College. Played on the softball team and enjoyed the beach cookouts. Great duty station and liberty.

Posted 2-10-01
LCPL Albert Fitzgerald, 86 - 88

I am former LCPL Albert Fitzgerald stationed at Marine Barracks Norfolk Naval Nase between the dates of 1986 to 1988. If anyone is out there email me.  Semper Fi   AL

Posted 8-18-01
L/Cpl  Darren Sutton, 84 - 85

I am L.CPL.  Darren Sutton.  I was stationed in Norfolk from 1984 to 1985 at CINCLANT.  I just wanted to say hi.  Email me if you were there.   Semper Fi

Posted 9-28-01
LCpl John Cote, 86 - 88

I am LCpl John Cote who was stationed at Norfolk Naval Base from 1986-1988. I reported to SSgt Edmonds in 1st Section, Station Guard. My roommates were many. Here's a list: Frank Knottingham, Andy King, John Collins, Angel Ojeda, Darrell Cooper, Gary Wilson, Chuck Sergeant, Jorge Llambes. Write back if you were there!

Posted 12-01-01
Jim Guffey, 68 - 70

I was at the Barracks 68 -70.  Armed Forces Staff College and then Driver/Orderly for Com 5 Admiral Dempsey.

Posted 3-17-02
Terry Coldwell, 92 - 94

Hey lets not forget the Marines that guarded the SSF in the NM area of NAS Norfolk.  We were MCSFCo Norfolk and stationed at the CINCLANT part of Norfolk base.  We also stood watch at the CINCLANT Operations Center and at most of the major commands on the base.  I served there from 3/92 to 2/94. Are there any "WIRE RATS" out there?

Posted 11-13-02
Darrell Cooper, 1986-1988

Oorah fellow Devildogs. This is Coop! I served with John Cote, Steve Sergeant, Bill Ebydog, Joey Iwaniek, Jorge Llambes, Jimmy Hustins, Gary Wilson, Mike Bailey and many others. Just wanted to say Oorah Marine Corps. Email me for some info.

Posted 2-09-03
Roger Bartlett, Cpl., 1991-1994

Stood duty at Cinclant Compound, and former "wire rat" served with Lt. Loucks, Gunny Idlebird, Sgt. Ramirez, Sgt. Wilson, Sgt. Jackson, Sgt. Stover, Cpl. Coble, Lcpl. McCormack, Cpl. McDonald, and the rest of the flag raisers on Ceremony Day. Email me.

Posted 3-9-03
Casler, 1stSgt USMC(R), 1972 - 1974

OOOOORah to All ! Lots of great memories and times there! Went from LCpl to Sgt!! Was with the Armed Forces Staff College section (now a seperate entity). Been back several times and the exterior is the same... but inside is totally different!! My mother lives in VA Beach (as did my parents.. my father passed away a couple of years ago.. in 70 when my dad retired from the USN as a Master Chief.   "Mama-san & Suzi (Alterations)" still work (or they did a couple of years ago) at the PX by Camp Allen. Anyone remember the Brig inccident with the rioting sailors form the Kittyhawk??     Anyhow, Semper Fidelis & God Speed/love.

Posted 5-2-03
Joseph A. Madagan, Jr.
Marine Guard Company, 1958 - 1959, Sea School 1959

I have been trying to locate and contact Marines who served on the Staff of Sea School, Sea School Students, and Marine Guard Company personnel. I have succeded in contacing four Marines. We want to plan a reunion.

Posted 10-26-03
Cpl James Ashear, 1972 - 1973

I am former Cpl James Ashear. I worked at the "brig" 72-73. Worked the "old" brig first then moved to the new. We had the "riot' Thanksgiving weekend "72" anyone remember that? I have been back through there quite a few years ago saw the new barracks and all, looks alot better than I remember. Semper Fi.

Posted 10-26-03
Chris Matarese, PFC to Cpl, 1984 - 1987

Started at "The Wire" .....we didn't call ourselves rats then. Vividly remember the hole in the cinder block wall inside the gate house within the compound. A year or so before I got there, a Marine shot himself in the head with a .45 accidentally while horsing around on post. There were still some guys there who swabbed the blood and brain matter from the room. Remember the roving post down range in the magazine area, I releived a Marine on that post that had his rifle frozen to his hands during a rain/ice storm....not fun. Quite a few "High Hats" and "Moves". Some of the Marines I worked with/for were SSgt Morris, Cpl Ley, Cpl Perry, Cpl Medina (He was a CINCLANT ceremonial Marine before coming to "The Wire"), Lcpl Zan, Lcpl Moore, Lcpl Ortiz (big bodybuilder dude from New York)....I am forgetting many. Later I worked for a 4-Star Admiral (Adm. MacDonald & Adm. Baggett) as a driver/orderly. That 4 star was the highest in the area.....he was Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, Commander in Chief Atlantic, and Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet. Too many officers....damn!  Quite a few hotties on the CINCLANT the support offices. Later I became NCOIC of that detachment. In 1987 I got orders to GITMO. Worked with/for Cpl Rodriguez, Cpl Bond, Cpl Porter, Lcpl Zan, Lcpl McDermott....among others. I lifted with a Marine who worked in the Marine Barracks gym...Tony Diaz. Short Cuban dude from Miami, big SOB, he competed in and won a couple of bodybuilding shows in Virginia. Not too many pictures from back then but I have a few. The Barracks CO was Col. Gerraty......the CO of the Marine Barracks in Beirut at the time of the bombing. Excellent liberty in VA Beach during my time there.....cruising the strip at night....the beach during the day. Give me an e-mail if you were there during that time.

Posted 12-28-03
PFC "JP" Alosi  aka Hollywood Marine, 1980 - 1981
1st. Section Guard

Dominic Koklas / Pvt. Gilbertson / Cpl. Dunn / Cpl. Blackburn SSGT "Stick", Lt. "Mike" Riley, Col. Rice, Captian Thompson. Alosi lost all personal possessions when Pvt. Gilbertson "left" the Corps, Sept 9, 1981, taking Alosi's seabag containing all possessions. Gilberston is from Mt. Horeb Wisconsin. Alosi has never been able to find Gilbertson since then. I lost everything I own that day and would pay a LARGE reward for return of property in seabag. I was informed in 1995 Gilbertson has left my seabag at his fathers home in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin. I have never been able to find any other info. Anyone can help? Randy Gilbertson (Gilbertsen?) discharged 9-9-81 NAS NORVA

Posted 1-6-04
Lance Woltman, Cpl,

I served at the CINCLANTLFT Compound from 93 to 95.  Looking for Marines who I served with in the company or afterwards at Dam Neck Rifle Range Det.  E-mail me if I served with you, it would be great to hear from any of you.  Served with Looney, Probst, Phillips, McCormick, OBlock, Pantol, Budds, Orear, Bejgrowicz, Sheen, CPL Bartlett, CPL Mac, Sgt Stover, Sgt Tarwater,  Sgt Kagel, Sgt Rodriguez, Sgt White, Lt Loucks, Maj Sykes, 1st Sgt Estrada (now Sgt Maj of Mar Corps), Gunny Idlebird.

Posted 7-11-05
Jimmy Lemon, 1977 - 1979

I was a Platoon Commander with the Main Guard at M.B. Norfolk 1977-1979. Got out of the Marines in 1979 and joined the US Army Special Forces. Served with the SF until 1983 and got out. Recently went back in the Indiana Army National Guard as a Section Leader with Hotel Company 151st Infantry (Light Anti Tank).
Jimmy Lemon, 219-661-0510

Posted 7-28-05
William F. (Bill) Retallick, 1955 - 1958

I served at Marine Barracks on the Naval Air Station from August 1955 to April 1958. Colonel R. T. Stivers was the CO. I was in the Guard Detachment for several months and worked the Ocean View Gate on the Air Station and Main Gate on NOB. Then I went to work Captain Benjamin Green in supply (a wonderful man and officer). I had many good buddies including Sgt. Vince Sherman, Whitehouse, Alifieris, Butts, Tompson, Smith and many others. I have been back twice since I mustered out of the organized USMCR (5th Truck Company, Charlotte, NC) on April 6, 1962 as an E4. I am a life member of the 2nd Marine Division and past Commandant of the Marine Corps League Detachment 789. The Corps straightened my head out and entitled me to the Korean War GI Bill. With that I went to College and spent 35 years as a federal agent. Semper Fi!

Posted 7-28-05
Sgt. William "Ed" Dum, 1964 - 1967

I am former Marine Sgt. William "Ed" Dum . I was stationed at Marine Barracks from 1964 to 1967 and was Sgt of the Guard for the Marine Barracks, AUW Section, and the Armed Forces Staff College. I was sent to Viet Nam in 1967 and 1968, Iwould be very interested in contacting anyone who was stationed at the Marine Barracks in 1964 and 1967.   Thank You

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