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‘Looking to identify a former member of the detachment with the last name of ‘LaClaire’…..I suspect he is now deceased. He would eventually retired as a GySgt in Salt Lake City. I did a tour with the OSO, Salt Lake City office (1968-71) and his daughter Shelley was our Secretary for a couple of years before giving up her job and moving to AZ where she eventually got married. But, no idea what her married name is. If I can locate the name of her dad or even her mother, I might have some luck locating an Obituary which could contain her married name, and from there I should be able to run her down. No purpose other than to say hello to her and update her on what became of those of us who served together with this unique Recruiting organization. I understand Mr. LaClaire also served with our office some time prior to any of us joining. No idea when he served at Hawthorne but I do recall him mentioning being assigned there….I wish I could recall his name but can’t do it at this stage. S/F Larry


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