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Posted 5-22-00
Cpl. Ray Ference, 90 - 92

R.P. 0311 USMC, Looking for Marines who served here in the early '90's.

Posted 7-26-00
Bill Benson, 85 - 88

First it was growing up in Subic Bay, then it was being stationed at MarBks Brunswick ME, and now, guess what?  I wasn't the only Benson to have something to do with the Marine Corps or the Marine Barracks. You see, Dad was in the Navy at the time, and he happened to be stationed aboard NWS Earle around 1985-1988 timeframe...  You see, HE COMMANDED THE PLACE! Shucks, I figure that if I work this right, I can cover a few more duty stations before I'm through! Seriously though, I'd love to hear some of the stories that the Marines had about my old man.  You see, he loved his Marines, and he did everything he could think of to keep them safe while not interfering with their mission.  Did my USMC barrack brethern ever noticed that he would stand outside of the base admin building and watch the Color Detail perform Colors?  IT wasn't because he wanted to put the Detail on the spot, but because he appriciated that "his" Marines were out there taking care of business, and like the unit that prepares for inspection, if he had not attended, he felt that the Marines would see him like just another  "Squid Zero with a bad attitude towards Marines".  I heard that he was invited every once in a while to participate in the Guard Mount.  I wonder if any of my Marine bro's know that he was one of the snake eaters that was hauling butt out of the rear gate of Penom Pehn (Cambodia) when the Khmer Rouge was coming through the front gate... He really appriciated what the Marines of his Barracks were doing for him, and I hope that my bro's know it.  He cared not only because of his respect for the USMC  but also, as I was a Marine at MarBks NAS Brunswick, the Corps was family.

Semper Fi from the Skipper's Kid (a title I'm proud to say never found use, as I had already earned my own as a Lance Corporal of Marines at the time...)

Posted 1-26-01
Renee Butler, 70 - 71

If you were there, contact me.

Posted 12-17-01
Dennis R. Parker, Sr., 76 - 79

Was stationed there from 1976-1979. Now living in San Antonio, Texas.

Posted 12-29-01
Danny Barton, 75 - 79

I was stationed at Earle from '75 to 79 with a bunch of rowdy boys. Got out as a Sergeant in Aug. of 79. I was named Marine of the Year on NWS Earle 1978. Anyone remember when half the barracks fell out and swept all of Asbury Park looking for the guys who mugged Pops. Who remembers Maj. Pile? Anyone know where Jesse Ross or Don Hess is these days. I heard Willie D got killed in Japan but didn't get the details. Remember when he put a round through the back of that Squid's Chevy for running his post. SSGT James A. Crail where the hell are you?  I hope one of you guys gets back to me. 303-569-3221 ext. 1501

Posted 4-6-02
Cpl. Diane Sieg, 78 - 80

Second women marine assigned at Earle.  Worked in admin as a service record book clerk.  Would love to hear from you!

Posted 6-1-02
LCpl. Miguel A. Ortega, 1987-1989

"Semper Fi" to all the Hardchargers I served with. Those where fun times. "sup DOG!!!"

Posted 12-27-03

I am looking for someone who was stationed at Earle in 1987 or 1988.  His name is Michael Loveland.  His friend's name, (who was stationed at Earle at the same time), is "Rocky".  I hope you can help me.

Posted 6-28-05
Lcpl Jimmy G. Hernandez, 1989 - 1991

Hey out there, been trying to find some of you devil dogs that were in earle from 1989 to 1991.  I was in 1st plt and Major Larkin was the CO.  Hope to hear from y'all. Later, Jimmy (aka ese)

Posted 6-28-05
Cpl Bill Sevic, January 1997 - August 1979

M-Group - Mike Alpha - Mike Alpha...Where are you... It's my understanding the Marines are no longer stationed at NWS Earle... Does anyone remember Kieth Lewis (Navy)...Gunny Couger....   Later From Michigan.

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