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Posted 1-29-02
Sgt. Robert Merrett, 59 - 61

Would like to hear from any who served at CC from 1959 to 1561.  Especially any who know the whereabouts of Sgt. Ray Athey, Cpl. Lee Lovelace.

Posted 4-28-02
Ken Perrone, 57 - 60

Like to contact anybody assigned to the Brig Platoon , 1957 to 1960. Like to know what happen to Gunnery Sgt Mccullogh, and then Brig Officer Capt Billy Fuller Visage.

Posted 11-29-03
Ken Perrone, Cpl , 1957 - 1960

A sad note, I was informed by a relative of the passing of Colonel Billy Fuller Visage, then Capt Visage and Brig Officer of the NAS Corpus Christi Brig., 1957 - 1960 while I was stationed there.  God rest him. He was a great officer and man of honor...Goodbye Skipper  

Posted 6-28-05
LCPL Robert A. Dillon, Guard and Brig, 1958 - 1962

Would like to get in touch with any Marines from this time.    

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