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Posted 12-10-00
Joseph Bidinger, 83-86

Looking for any 1st Plt. Bar Hogs stationed at Marine Barracks Concord from 83-86.

Posted 3-21-01
Lisa Swain

Looking for anyone who was stationed at concord between 90-92.

Posted 10-27-01
Fred Coulsey, Cpl., Armorer, 1965 - 1966

Hi,   I was the armorer at MB NWS Concord CA and would like to hear from others. Remember when the real hippies demonstrated against the war (back in '65)? Wasn't that great! Remember pulling them over the white line?   As I was also a cross country chaser, would like to hear from the other marine. Sorry, can't remember your name but you will remember when we first saw Portsmouth Naval Prison. Scared the hell out of us didn't it! Yep, the real Red Line prison.

Posted 11-10-01
Claude S. Jones 

Looking for any Marines who served there during 65-66. Please e-mail me.

Posted 11-25-01
Daniel Carter, 65 - 66

To anyone who served at Marine Barracks Concord,Ca. in1965 and 1966, please respond to me by e-mail.  I still have many photo's of alot of people but need help with the names. I also still live in the Bay area. Semper Fi. Hope to here back!!

Posted 1-9-02 (Updated 10-28-03)
Carl V. Rubin, Cpl, 1983 - 1987

Hi!  I was originally assigned to 2nd Platoon Security Forces.  After Cpl Daryn Mcgraths discharge, I became the PRP Clerk for Captain Sellers.  Would love to hear from anyone stationed from 83 - 87.  Semper Fidelis

Posted 1-20-02
Cpl Sean P Whelan, 1990-1992

Like to hear from some old concord buddies.

Posted 2-18-02
L/cpl Harper, George III, 1st platoon, 85 - 87

LAGD HQ Drop me a line, I would like to hear from the old guard. Semper Fi!

Posted 3-2-02
Jeff Maynard, Cpl., 1971 - 1973

Like to hear from some of the Old Barracks Buddies.

Posted 3-28-02
Raymond Gray, 65 - 66

I was in Marine Bar. NWS from around Sept.'65 to April '66.  I then went to 5th MarDiv with Ed Larson (KIA '66).  I remember Jim Arnold ( cook ), Gunny Scholcraft, Cpl. Soboka, Horsheck or something like that who played Revielle after drinking Ripple all night, and the cow in the EM Club. I live over the hill in Antioch now.

Posted 6-6-02
Lcpl Leon Cox, 4th Platoon, 1st section, 80 - 83

Looking for fellow jar heads who served in 80 to 83. Any of you guys out there remember turning over lowrider cars? I sometimes wonder where all my have brothers gone. Get in contact. I remember Lcpl Kirk(Crazy) Helm.

Posted 7-28-02
Brian T. Ramage, 1964

I am looking for anyone that may have known my dad, Brian T. Ramage.  He was a Marine that died while scuba diving at a lake.  He was stationed at the Concord Naval Weapons Station in 1964.  If you knew him I'd like to hear from you.   Thank you, Larry Ramage.

Posted 8-16-02
Grant Niemann, Feb-63 to July-64

Sorry I can't remember which platoon I was in. I was on the Main Gate six months straight the Honor Guard,Swim team,worked in the press shop and the barber shop.Went to school four nights a week and was a newly wed. Wish I could do it all again.Except the Main Gate.To much spitshine and my legs still ache just thinking about it! Kill Patrick Charley post 2 "165" The only two I have contact with from my time there are John Moses (Ione, Ca.) And Ralph Neff( London,Ohio) If you know anyone please tell them to give me a shout.

Posted 11-07-02
Sean P.W., 1990 - 92

Who was there for the deactivation of the Marine Security Force Company at Concord? Give us the whole story of what went down. What happened to all the historical items such as the scrap book that was in the CP?

Posted 11-25-02
Cpl Garrett S Long, 1990 - 1992

Looking for any Marines from the old 1st Platoon and a few from 2nd Platoon.

Posted 12-08-02
Scott Milstead

Semper Fi, I was stationed at NWSC in 85-86. My old buddies were Chase Loyning, Hudlston. Lots of great memories from that time of my life. Anyone want to chat about anything, email me.

Posted 12-17-02
David Gleason, MT-2 GMMD, 1963 - 1966

Had The joy of spenting three years (63-66) at Concord, as a Naval missile tech in building 93, Bravo Area.   Spent the my first three months there as a mess cook in the Marine /Navy chow hall.  And over the three years, spent a few long hours standing watch in the guard towers on the Marine's birthday.   Was dis-charged in August of 66.  Had the joy(?) of leaving the base by having to walk though all of the peace(?) niks.  Was on the base a few weeks earlier when the Hell's Angels poured a few gallons of white paint over the protesters.

Posted 1-18-03
L/Cpl Tom Oliver, 1985 - 1987

Looking for any old friends from 85 to 87. I spent many hours with some great guys on post. Would be great to hear from you. Charlie Henderson if your out there I have been trying to track you down.

Posted 2-16-03
Gysgt Paul Vigil, Retired

Looking for Ron Vigor, who was station at Marine Barracks Concord 1963-1965, or anyone knowing his where abouts. Please contact me at 209-481-5371 or email me. Semper Fi

Posted 3-2-03
Harold Burger, L/cpl, 2nd Plt, 1982 - 1985

Would like to hear from anyone there at this time.

Posted 3-9-03
Casler, 1stSgt USMC(R), 1987 - 1991

Gung Ho to All!! Col Adams (was a Major then) is here in Hawaii serving in a "G" shop at Camp Smith. He was the CO of CSSG-3 at Kaneohe Bay. Did a bang up job there. Unfortunately, his wife passed away a few months ago.   Me... got passed over twice for SgtMaj and retired as acting SgtMaj of 1/3 in 94.   Am currently a K-9 Explosive Detection Handler at the Honolulu International Airport.   My oldest is a Sgt of Marines in 1/8.   Youngest has a band (National Product) and does modeling / acting and Real Estate (go figure) as side jobs.

To all, Semper Fidelis & God Speed / Love.

Posted 3-9-03
Paul D. Adams Colonel, MCSF, 1989 - 1992

To all former Marine Corps Security Forces Marines during the period 1989-1992, greeting and Semper Fidelis. My tour at MCSF Concord was a highlight of my now 26 years of service. I enjoyed serving with every Marine during that period, and pray God is blessing you one and all.  I have been back aboard the station twice since 1992, and it is sad to see the deterioration of the MCSF area and the obstacle course we so painstakingly installed. But evolutions such as Boggs Mountain training, the humps all over the station, the helicopter training and training at Ft. Ord made every day memorable. God bless you all.

Posted 9-2-03
John Christian, 1989 - 1991

To all of you Marines who were stationed at Concrod in 89-91, or close too it, I have made DVD's out of the video that Major Adams made in 90. This video was a 10 minute video of the guard force and what their duties were. The DVD also has some bonus footage of Bill Bodette on Dave Letterman, and also myself and Lawnie Hess skydiving and bullriding. Lemme know if you are interested in getting a copy of this DVD. Blue Skies and Semper Fi.

Posted 9-2-03 (Updated, 10-28-03)
Rick Scherer, 1989 - 1991  and

Semper Fi to all! I would like to hear from anybody who was stationed with me from 89-91. Who remebers Rick the barber, Rocket pizza, Clayton Blvd. and all the great times on post:-) ? I would like have a reunion. Stay Motivated!!!

Posted 10-28-03
Art Montegari, 1966 - 1967

I was stationed at MB NWS Concord (Port Chicago) from April 1966 until September 1967. Visited Mare Island many times and qualified with an M-1 on the rifle range. I was there pre-Bart when the only transportation to SF was by Greyhound bus....or by thumb. Great duty station...great liberty...lots of demonstrators....would like to hear from anyone who was there when I was there still a MB Concord?

Posted 10-28-03
John O'Neill, Third Class Petty Officer, Security Div., 1987 - 1989

Greetings my jarhead friends!  I was among the first group of squids to assume security duties at nwsc.  Played football for and with Gunny Stembridge.  First day as a marine's alpha (Singleton was his name) in area 26, that knucklehead protester had his legs taken by one of our trains.   Looking for l/cpl Tim Check or anyone  who played ball for the NWSC Cougars.

Posted 10-28-03
Cpl. Jon Gates, 1985 - 1988

Just wanted to say hey to all Marines I served with in Concord (1985-88), especially the Q-Area. E-mail me if you get the chance.

Posted 10-28-03
Sergeant Shawn A. Lash, 1989 - 1993

I served in 1st Plt from 1989 to 1993.  I’d be honored to hear from any Marines which I served with in Concord.  I currently live in Meridian, Idaho.  My tour at Concord was one of the greatest opportunities of my life.  Of the 8 years, 9 months and 11 days I served, only the Marines from Concord have I keep contact with. Take Care.

Posted 11-27-03
LCpl Kubisty, 2nd Platoon, Mar 1993 - Feb 1994

Like to hear from anyone from this time period.

Posted 12-31-03
Patrick Parr, Sgt., 1989 - 1991

Would love to hear from anyone who I served with.  Finished up my tour in Hawaii with 2/3, Wpns Co., 81's Plt.  However, Concord was probably the best time of my life.  The only people I keep in contact with were from MCSF CO.  We had a reunion in Ohio in June 2003.  Those in attendance were myself, Brian Bahlau, Brent Amos, Rick Scherer, Derek Martz, Garrett Long and John Christian.  It was a great time.  We are planning a trip to Concord for a reunion sometime in 2005.  Semper Fi.

Posted 8-23-04
Kevin Rafferty, 1987 - 1992

Served with the Navy from 87 - 92 at Concord, hung around with Cpl. O'toole and Lcpl. McClellan mostly.  You may remember me as the sailor you could always find at the gym.  Never made it into OCS, but did pretty well anyway.  If you remember me, let me know. 

Posted 8-23-04
Sgt Jacob (Jake) Fizer, June 93 - March 94

I have to say I have never served with better than the Marines at Concord.  I was one of the few that stood the last post in the limited area.  Also, was in the ceremony to retire the colors.  The beer did flow and the party went on for a week.  I go back often and my brothers we are not forgotten.  Would like to attend any reunion, just let me know.

Posted 8-23-04
Ron Brandon, Cpl,
1988 - 1990

White and I took a drive onto the old post last year to reminisce but the (civilian guards) wouldn’t even escort us on base to take a look around.   The old Port Chicago Hwy is closed so you can’t even cruise by the old Q area anymore either.  We were sort of bummed out.  I was going to moon anyone on Post 13 or 14 from the road…

That reunion sounds great for 2005.  I live in Sacramento now.  I’d love to say hello to anyone that remembers me.  I have pictures and hand written notes from my time there too.  Some of them I wouldn’t mind sharing.

Posted 8-23-04
LCPL Besonen "Buckmaster", 1991 - 1992

I served at NWSta Concord in 91-92. My Plt Sgt was Sgt Lash. Some of the best guys I met in the Corps were from Concord. I still look at the pics "Remember the mudbowl game in front of the barracks". I live in Minneapolis now and expecting my first kid  "OOH RAH"

Posted 8-23-04
Cook Barela, 1968 - 1970

Looking for any Marine I served with there at the weapons station Mid 68 - January 1970. Was an MP sgt, in charge of base security, great bunch of Marines that served there during that time. Many of us that had served in Viet Nam, were offered an early out because the Marine Corps was cutting back. Looking for any pictures of the em club there, remember one night after leaving that club, taking my wedding ring off and throwing it across the parking area into the wildlife preserve there, one of those great accomplishments in life while stationed there. LOL

Posted 8-31-04
Gary Ploense, 1961 - 1963

To hear from anyone stationed there 1961-1963

Posted 6-28-05
Michael "Bones" Hayes, 4th Platoon-1st Platoon, 1979 - 1982

Jeez, how many years have gone by and how many White Lady Stories have been told? Anybody remember old Bonesarelli? give me a buzz...   Rest In Peace Steven Martin Miller- I will forever remember that night at Post Four when you lost your life my friend....   Rest In Peace Kirk Scott Helm- My heart is always with you too bro...   Semper Fi, Bones  

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