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Posted 10-26-00
Louis E. Davis,  USMC/USAR Retired (Updated 1-1-11)

I was stationed at MB NAS Barbers Point 1961-1963.  So, I am very surprised to have this page come up on a search.  I would like to hear from anyone I served with during that time. Some fellows may not know it but we are Atomic Vets and DOD does have documentation and I have mine.  None of us received very much radiation according to the dosimeter records.

I have been in contact with David Hernandez, John Henry Anderson and Ralph E. Hutto.

Posted 2-9-02
Durwin D. Rice, (aka Tonto) 57 - 59

I would like to hear from anybody stationed at the Marine Barracks - Barbers Pt. from 1957-59.

Posted 1-11-03
Gary Parker USMC Ret, 1971 - 1973

I'm not sure how long this site has been up, because I just found it surfing the web.  I was stationed at Barbers Point NAS Hawaii from 1971 to 1973.  I loved every minute of it too.  I'm sorry to hear the Base was decommissioned a few years ago.  I was looking forward to seeing it again next year when I get back to Hawaii.  I'd love to hear from anyone stationed there at that time.

Posted 11-2-03,
Bob Wolfe L/Cpl, 1973 - 1975 (Updated 11-29-03)

Was stationed there from end of 1973 thru 1975 looking for members of the 3rd herd.  Have been in touch with Sgt. Flies and he also is looking for members. Anyone who might have a clue how to find Kenny Bobby or Red ( Hubert ) Davis please get in touch.  Also looking Dave Fox last time I seen him was with 2nd Division he had just got married in 76 saw him in 77 he was getting ready to go home to Montana and work his Dads horse ranch. Semper Fi !!

Posted 12-28-03
Bill Mathews, 1959 - 1961

I served at the Barracks during 1959 thru 1961.  I was a L/Cpl and was in the 1st platoon a year then the 2nd platoon the last year.  It was an interesting tour as I got to shoot in the Western Division Match, help open the EM club, do a lot of diving, pig hunting with Col. Fristo (sp) and good liberty when the Boat pulled in with the summer college gals.  Most of my duty was Cpl of the guard and standing watch at the Navy AUW shop, run drills, even participated in an E&E class as the bad guys for the Marine and Navy pilots.    I'm looking for C. F. Romero (Chuck), Robert Visser (Bob) and a air-dale Swabby, Ronald Hines, or Hinez and the man that ran the EM Club, Ghomes or Gomes.  All good buddies that I failed to keep in contact with.  We did good liberty, chase a lot of gals (catching some every once in a month), drink much brew and dove off all the good spots of the Island and others. 

Posted 1-1-11
Ricky Carter, 1972 - 1973

I was stationed at Marine Barracks Barbers Point from May 72 thru May 73.  Had alot of fun at the Enlisted club even worked there for awhile.  I remember the alerts we had to respond to at the complex.  It sure made a long duty day when this happened.  Sure miss the tropical weather hopde to return some day. 

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