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Posted 7-7-01
L/cpl Scott"Tiny" Burkett, 85 - 87

Looking for any and all Devil dogs that were at Bangor with me. Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie company. Please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Posted 7-7-01
Larry Cook, Cpl., 50 - 52

First, I want to thank you for the time and energy you are putting in this effort. I appreciate it. I was stationed at Bangor from 12-50 to 8-52, and would like to hear from buddies of that time frame.

Posted 8-8-01
James Bridston L/Cpl  67 - 69

Known as NAD Bangor in those days. Main gate, roving, gate 12, M.L.A., the Deerhaven Inn, Cat tail lake, the guard office with Gunny Costa.  If you were there, drop me a line.

Posted 11-24-01
Sgt J.W. Sleep, Plt. Cmdr. Alpah Co, 2nd Plt., 82 - 84

Over worked also Career Planner and Public Affairs NCO. I arrived at MB Bangor just in time for the Ohio. Fastest way to make Cpl was to report in as a Sgt. This duty station was hard on NCO's from the FMF. I definitely enjoyed my prior tour with Weapons 2/1, 1st MarDiv. more. I do have fond memories of the Bangorilla's and Bremeloes. Hi to Kelly A. if she is still around, I didn't know a good thing when I had it. Jeff Sleep, Spokane, WA.

Posted 12-01-01
Cpl Johnny Sons, Third Platoon / 1996 - 1999

I am trying to locate any other Marines that were there with me.  If any of you guys are out there I miss ya!!  Semper Fi Mac!!

Posted 12-18-01
Ulrich, John C., Cpl  76-80

I was in First Platoon from 76-79.  Worked in the MLA, RMA (to include the tower) and manned the front gate.  I was member of the barracks softball team from 77-79.  The barracks won the 13th Naval District Championship in 1979 under LtCol Weigand.  I was also a member of the first Marine Corps soccer team that was formed in 1979.  The last year I was there I worked as the guard clerk under MSG Scull and CPT Kessler.  Since then I have retired from the military after 24 years.

Posted 2-2-02
Walt Lindsey

I was at Bangor from May 90 - July91. Looking for bros in Bravo Co or wherever. Used to call me Ricky from better off dead but real name is Walt Lindsey (L/Cpl). Did my time in the MLA and Back-up Force, Tower and Mobile Duty mostly.  Been looking for Anthony Marcus Munoz for quite some time must have fell off the face of the earth. Would like to hear from anyone during that era though. Mors de Contactus - Semper Fi

Posted 2-21-02
CPL Jeff Wellman, 79 - 83
5483 W 56th Str., Fremont, Michigan 49412 or

I was stationed at Marine Barracks Bangor from March of 80 thru 83. I was in the 1st Platoon, 3rd Squad Leader. I was also NCOIC of Bangors own Silent Drill Team from 82 to Sept 83. Check out the Reunion Message Board each year for "Back To Bangor" reunions. Looking forward to hearing from the best Marines around. I have also located over 80 Marines from Bangor. Should turn out to be some awesome reunions. Semper Fi.

Posted 10-25-02
Cpl.Richard Cox 84 - 87

I was stationed at Bangor from 84 to 87,"C" Co. Then at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for 1 year. I was looking for any of the Marines who were detatched with me to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1986 to start the FAST Battalion, or who remember our little incident.

Posted 11-07-02
Lcpl. Cox 2nd. Plt., '92 to '95

Anybody there at that time, drop me a line. Especially if you're still in the NW.

Posted 11-21-02
Lcpl Rich Cox, 1992 - 1995

Looking for any former Bangor Marines stationed there from '92 to '95. Especially anyone still in the Northwest.

Posted 1-16-03
Sgt. Torres, Russ, May 1976 - June 1978
Port Section and 2nd Platoon

I am looking for any Marines that served with me at NSB Bangor. I worked "behind the wire." Semper Fi!

Posted 4-02-03
L/Cpl Wian, Charles F., 1st Platoon, (A co.), 1988 - 1991

Hi, limited area devil Dogs. Any one out there that was their during my time give me a ring.

Posted 4-02-03
L/cpl Smith K.L, 1990 - 1992

I was there from Nov90 to Dec92. I was COG, most of 92. I was also on the Silent Drill Team for a while. I'm looking for former Devil Dogs that was there with me, like Hardy Jones, Henry Peterbark, Terrell Harvey, Clinton David Scott or anyone who was there with me during those times. i also remember what 2nd Plt did to the Seals.

Posted 4-17-03
Fred V. Breeding II, 1985 - 1988

My name is Fred V. Breeding II  I was stationed at Marine Barracks Bangor between Nov 1985 until March 1988 I was in Bravo Co. Would be motivated to hear from someone who was stationed there between this time. Worked Tower, patrols and Control Room , and COG.     Semper Fi!  

Posted 10-26-03
Sgt Jody S. Sutton, 2nd Plt. 2nd Sqd & NBC Chief, 1996 - 1998

Alive and sorta well. Watch out for the "Bremalos" and enjoy the "geese relocation". T.P.T. forever!

Posted 10-26-03
LCpl Matt Neel, 1st Platoon, 1992 - 1994

I was in 1st Platoon with Luper, Moore, Helton, Teele, Palacios, Herman, Hart, Resweber, Hernandez, and too many more to mention.  Looking for anyone else at Bangor during that time.

Posted 10-26-03
Jim Hayden, Sgt., June 1969 - April 1970
Main Gate/Perimeter/Remote Magazines/Main Limited Area

Hello to all current and former Marines.  Would like to hear from any of my old buddies. Semper Fi to all.

Posted 10-26-03
Lcpl. Clint Langford, 1st Plt. 4th Sqd, April 1995 - April 1997

Spent many nights out in the MLA. Post 22, Towers, Roving, Walking post - cuz it got foggy.  Running Drills, seeing stuff that was not there!  Getting little sleep. I was around when Sgt. Hernandez, Cpl Shockley, Cpl Pierce, and L/cpl Bridgeman were around. Anyone remember the crazy stories about L/Cpl Jellie or the electrical worker who feel in tower 21?

Posted 11-2-03
Hitchcock, James E., Sgt., Jan1981 - Dec 1982
Subase, MLA, Comsubgru9, etc.

I was in 3rd Platoon, 4th Squad as a team leader and 4th Squad leader. I was Marine of the Month (August) 1982 and eventually Marine of the Year for 1982. As a result of that I got my orders to Camp Lejeune later that year in November and went to Beirut, Lebanon with 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines in Feb. '83 with Cpl Jeff Prem and Cpl Gerry Buttell. We were all in 4th squad together with Cpl's Prem and Buttell as my team leaders. Would like to hear from any of those 4th Squad bozo's we had ie: L/Cpl Boone, L/Cpl Mohn, L/Cpl Christiansen, Cpl Flint, or L/Cpl Darrel Hull (1st platoon) whose last known whereabouts was with Weapons Platoon, Kilo Co. 3/3 in '83.

Posted 11-29-03
L/Cpl Kubisty, 3rd Platoon, Mar 1994 - Jun 1995

Looking for any Marines that served in the 3rd Platoon around that time.

Posted 12-13-03  
SGT Tulepan, 1st Platoon, 1999 - 2001

I was with 1st Platoon for 2 years. Stood every post from Tower to COG and NCOIC backup force. Remember all the stories about Jellie and the contractor. Stood the Marathon Warfs, and starts. That was the best part of my active duty by far.

Posted 12-13-03
Sgt "K" Kvasnikoff, Pat, 1978 - 1980

I was at the Marine Barracks, 1978 - 1980. I am needing the name of the Navy Chaplin that was assigned to us at that time, VERY important. SEMPER FI...

Posted 1-17-04
Scott DiBert, LCpl, 2nd Platoon Squad Leader

Hey Semper Fi out there to all who survived their tour of Duty at Bangor.  Anyone that was there between 1982-1984 I would be glad to Hear from you and swap a story or two.  I will never forget 'Dirty Dan the Haircut man' SGTMAJ. Dan J. Farrell The old salt that started up the infamous Bangor Silent Drill Team.  Boy did the crowds go wild when we marched down the street doing the meat grinder !  I still have cuts from those days.      Former LCpl Scott DiBert 2nd Platoon Squad Leader under Gunny Pate and Capt. Salyer.

Posted 8-23-04
CPL Chris Riggs, 1980 - 1983

I had some great time NSB Bangor, I served with Sgt Sleep whose message is on here and Cpl Hitchcock, what a boot..HaHa. I served from 1980 to 83 at the Marine Barracks. Heck they called me the old man of Marine Barracks Bangor. I was there so long. I'm happy to see this web sight and I hope to hear from some friends SEMPER FI!

Posted 8-23-04
Sgt/Cpl Pickering, 3/93 - 12/96

What's up Bangor, I am still in contact with many Marines from 1st plt and 3rd plt, give me a yell if you are looking for someone and we will send out an apb. Does anybody else make their kids field day on Thursday nights?

Posted 8-31-04
Mike Allison, 2nd Platoon, CPL, 1982 - 1985

Hey everyone.  Just a hello.  Saw Dirty Dan's picture, probably remember him all my life...  What ever happened to him.  CPL Tim Petay, SGT Jim Walker, Gunny Schomaker (I've seen gunny a few times since we left).  Mike Barrio ended up in E/2/7 with us in the Gulf.  Where is everyone at?  Just finished my SECOND Gulf war...  18 months in Kurdistan and Baghdad.  2 more years and I'm pulling the cord.  Looking for any word on my pals Buddy Brock, Roman Melek, Tommy "the doper" Atkins, etc.  Don't answer the door with a beer in your hands...  Take care -- Alley.

Posted 9-2-04
Sgt. Chris Champlin, 1988 - 1991

Looking for any and all devil dogs that I served with.

Posted 6-28-05
Lcpl. Dennis F. Gleason, 1st Plt., 1992 - 1994

Looking for anyone from Bangor 92 - 94.

Posted 7-08-05
SGT Scott Kerlee, 1983 - 1985

Hello jar heads,   It's been awhile since Ive seen any of you, except for the ones employed at Bremerton Shipyard,, and Bangor,, I came to the barracks a  E-4  from the FMF and then made E-5 and was sent to the range at camp wessly harris as an instructor, and I also did my time in the guard   alpha co ,, and many nights in the mla,, being an nco was tuff enough, but we also had a sgt major who was in  nut land dj farrel,, thats all Ive got to say about that,, its great someone takes the time to enter this conversation on the internet,, well take care semper fi and good luck in what ever your doing.

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