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Posted 8-22-99
Bryan Jorgenson, MarBar, FEB87-NOV88

If anyone stumbles in here, I  was at the Marine Barracks from Feb  87 - Nov 88 and I'm looking for people I knew there like Herrada, Knarich, Bly, Sgt Sepulveda, Medina, Bowles, both Taylors, Sova, Keane and if any ladies knew me. Anyone remember my nickname? Give you a hint. It is in my e addy. Sempers  AKA  the  Gerber  Baby.

I know  you  all  are  out  there and  slowly  but  surely  everyone  is  getting  computers. So  as  you  all  come online, post a message here so  we  all  can  get  together  at  some  time, and  if  ANYONE  is  in  Mn  and needs a  place  to  stay  while  visiting,  gimme  a  holler. Ya  got  a  place. Contact  info  is  as  follows...

Bryan Jorgenson
updated 8-23-04)
8656 Austin Ave
NE Blaine, MN 55014

P.S. I know of Sean Trudell's whereabouts. Look in Chicagoland

Posted 10-12-99
Demian L. Neidetcher, Lance Corporal, 91-93

3rd Herd, Sgt. Griffeys pukes.  Check out my website at...

Posted 1-23-99
Michael Metzger, Mare Island from 3-89 -12-90

To those who use to be at Alameda, I remember it from the many trips I made from Mare Island.

Posted 1-27-00
Cpl. Kenneth R. Rose, Nov 56 - Mar 58

I was stationed at Marine Barracks, NAS, Alameda from Nov 1956 until March l958. I have a NAS base newspaper from nov 1957. I remember several ships that came to Alameda often. The Midway, Bon Homme Richard, Yorktown, Hancock, and the Ranger. We had a brig in the basement of the barracks. Wish I had a dollar for every hour spent on guard duty on the main and east gates. Would like to hear from anyone from that era? Cpl. Kenneth R. Rose 1558971 USMC.

Posted 2-23-00
L/Cpl Robert L. Shaffer, 85 - 86
Nicknames : Rob, Teddybear

Messed up knee and got medical discharge - biggest mistake of my life. Should have stayed in ! Was in 3rd platoon. If any one knows where Taylor (who feed me McDonald's in the hospital), Jeff Sanders, Craig Kretchmar "Creature" or Kim Cowen - Wolcott the girl I loved, or any one else please get a hold of me.  Miss the good times - SEMPER FI.
ADDRESS:  PO Box 325 NorthEast, PA 16428
Phone # (814) 725-7354

Posted 3-12-00
Gary Risner, 85 - 86

My name is Gary Risner. And I was stationed at NAS Alameda from 85 to 86. Under the guidance of SSGT. Curry. If any of my platoon, Marvin Birdtell, Colter, Gary Gardener, read this contact me. (558 Calibre Crest Parkway #103, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714).   407-862-0239

Posted 4-1-00
Cpl John Borek, 85-87

I was in 2nd Platoon with SSGT Curry.  Had Scarfo as a squad leader at one time.  Some of the names off the top of my head are Bock, Stamper (AKA The Postman), Birdtail, Zigler, Bly, Sepulveda, Smith, and the rest are being blocked by a brain fart.  I would like to hear from anyone that was there about the same time.  Even after standing post so many times for so many hours and all the react drill, all I can remember are the good times. Semper Fi all you jarheads.  I am in Spokane WA if any of you happen to pass by.  Drop me a line.

Posted 12-17-00
Justin R. Mills, Ground Electronics Maint. Dept., 79 - 81

I spent nine years as an electronics technician in the Navy OCT78-OCT87. My first duty station was with Ground Electronics Maintenance Department at NAS Alameda from JAN79 to APR81. Only knew a couple of you marines by name but have since long forgotten. We patched up several of your handheld radios. I have many fond memories of Alameda and the surrounding communities.

Posted 4-7-01
Cpl Don Murphy, Phila, PA, 67 - 68

After 9th MT, RVN I was stationed at MB Alameda from Jun67 to Jul68, then Released from Active Duty. Now retired from the Philly PD. I remember alot of long nights at the "Areas" storage. To many NCO's I had the walking post not the tower. Gate duty was great, mini skirts were the style then. Would like to hear from anyone who did a tour there. I remembered a brother Marine jumping out the squad bay 2nd floor window after sailors who walked on our grass, from front door of the Club. He went back to Nam instead of Court Martial for putting two of them in the hospital. Our CO let 3 or 4 of our Marines use that option when they screwed up, hope they made it back. Cliff Bell you out there?

Posted 7-4-01
Dave Crouch, PFC, 59 -61

I was stationed at Alameda Marine Barracks from 12/59 until about 7/61.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone I had the pleasure of serving with while there and spent time with at the White Hat Club.

Posted 8-2-01
Chris Aulette, 85 - 87 (updated 5-12-08)

My name is Chris Aulette, I was in the Marine Corps from 1985-91. I spent my first two years at Mar.Bks. Alameda and had a GREAT time. I would like to find M.Herrada and J.Green or hear from anyone else during that time period. After Alameda I did a pump with 2/8, 2/6 (Okinawa,Korea) and finished up with UNITAS (South America) It was all GOOD!!! Drop me a line.

Posted 9-18-01
Cpl. Joseph Knarich, 87 - 89

Jorgenson, trudell, Bckman, Myers, etc...  Hope to hear from anyone stationed there around the same times.  Semper Fi

Posted 1-25-02
Gilbert Morales, Corporal, 85 - 87

Hello fellow jarheads, I served Marine Barracks NAS Alameda 1985-1986 under SSgt Curry. I'm finding myself in an exceptionally good mood being today is Friday!! Then I turn into libo (liberty) man! This is a great website to contact fellow girines. I haven't spoken with anyone from any of my units since I was discharged in 1987. While at Marine Barracks here are a few names that come to mind, and may ring your bell: Cpl York, Cpl Fowler, L/Cpl Love, L/Cpl Schaeffer (she worked in Admin.) L/Cpl Buckner (he dated Schaeffer). Any of these names ring a bell? I will include my email address to respond to if you remember me or if you recognize any of the above names and we'll reminisce a few. Take care.

Posted 6-6-02
Alfredo Gomez, 80 - 82

I was there 1980-1982. I would like to hear from all you that were stationed at the Alameda Marine Barracks.

Posted 9-6-02
Davey Lee, Federal Fire Fighter, 68 - 76

I was not a Marine at Alameda but a Federal Fire Fighter, 68-76. One night we heard on the Security Radio that a fight has broke out at the White Hat Club. The SP's responded. Then the call came out to call "All" the SP's to the White Hat Club. (It seems that the USS New Jersey and the Coral Sea had words, some about their Mothers) We listened at the Security Radio at the Fire Station. After awhile another call came out from the SP Radio: CALL OUT THE MARINES!  The Marine Barracks at the station responded.  After awhile another call came out: CALL OUT THE MARINES FROM TREASURE ISLAND!!  Three bus loads of Marines came from the Island and at 0400 in the morning the fight was over. I don't remember who won it was in 1973, but the White Hat Club was closed for 3 months and after that Marines were stationed at all exits and entrances. Oh, yes the Marines Won!   Davey Lee, Air/Rescue Fire Fighter, Ret. USN, USAF, US Forestry Smoke Jumper.

Posted 1-24-03
William J. Smith Jr. (Smitty), 1966 - 1967

My name is William J. Smith Jr. ( Smitty ) and I was stationed at the barracks from June '66 to May '67.  I then went to Vietnam, Echo 2/3.  Good friend Tow Sawyer, first name really Charles.  Wish to hear from some friends.

Posted 3-9-03
John "Rudy" Ruhwedel, GySgt, Guard Chief, 1982 - 1985

Platoon sergeants: SSgt Terry Pede and SSgt Kevin Curry. Guard Officers: Capt Bill Hice, Capt Dave Sharp, Capt Ray Griggs. I left the Barracks in 1985, spent 3 years in Hawaii with Fox 2/3 as the company gunny and first sergeant. Spent 3 years as the I & I First Sergeant with Detachment 4th Force Reconnaissance in Reno, NV. Promoted to SgtMajor and transferred to MCRD San Diego in 1991 and served two years with 2nd RTBn and one year with Support Battalion. Retired in 1994 and live in San Diego with my wife, teenage daughter and son.   Semper Fi.

Posted 10-12-03
Dan Swan, 1958 - 1961

My name is Dan Swan and I was stationed at Alameda NAS from 11/58 to 6/61.  I extended my enlistment for 2 years to get out of there and went to the 7th Marines, 3rd Marines and was eventually discharged as a CPL (E4) from the Kilo 3/5 in 6/63.  Some of the Marines I remember at Alameda are Kent Steven, Richard Scott, Bill Tetzman, David Crouch, Harold Harshman, Gary Phelps, my good buddies Lonnie Pence and Gary Ehlert.  The CO was Lt. Col. Morrisy and the EXO was Major Dianasopholis (?).  I can picture the faces of others, but can't recall their names.  I had some good times at White Hat Club with my buddies and in the towns around the base, but I didn't care for the duty.  It just wasn't the Marine Corp like the FMF.

Posted 10-21-03
1stSgt Wilson, S. G., 1985 - 1986

I was stationed at NAs Alameda from Apr. 85 until Oct. 86.  I was in 1st Plt. and had a great time.  I did not see any Marines from 1st plt on the message board and hope to contact a few.  Drop me a line.  I am currently a 1st Sgt with CSSC 147 activated for OEF.  Been on active duty for about 1.5 years.  I'll never forget the Marines table at the eclub.  And the DJ Cleve.

Posted 10-23-03
Michael MacNeil, L/Cpl,  1
st Platoon, 1983 - 1985

I was stationed at Marine Barracks, NAS Alameda from Aug 83 - Apr 85.  I was in 1st Plt. and had a great time.   Drop me a line.  I am currently a police officer in Massachusetts, married with 2 girls.  I was transferred to 2/7, where I made Corporal, and was discharged in March 1987.

Posted 10-23-03
LCpl Gerst, 1984 - 1987

Greetings All,   My name is Chris Gerst, was at Alameda from early 1985 until the spring of 1988. Had a great time from what I still can remember. Spent a lot of time in the E-Club and left a few of my brain cells there. Was assigned to First Platoon most of the time with Cpl. Giles as a Squad Lead and Ssgt.Trent as a Platoon Leader. Remember hanging out with Delabrue, Bowen, Harris, Rowe, Smith, Morales. Delabrue and Bowen went down to 3/5 with me for our final year. Good times, didn't know how good until I left. Was up in the Bay Area last year and it is all gone. Looks like a industrial park. No more free sandwiches from the vendor guy on Post 3 at 0400 in the morning. Everyone take care.

Posted 10-23-03

I am looking for anyone who played football for the Alameda Naval Air Station Hellcats football team in 1946-47. I have pictures of players and would like to know who they are. One of them is my wonderful foster father, now deceased, Reid Miners and one is Joltin' Joe Perry. Would like to know the others. Also am looking for an artist who's last name is Ballard who drew a wonderful sketch and cartoon of dad for the Carrier newsletter. If anyone has any information at all, I would love to hear from them.   Thank you!

Posted 11-2-03
Johnny Green, 1985 - 1987

I arrived at Alameda on Thanksgiving Day 85 with Herrada and moved in with Tim Smith.  In May 87 I was surveyed to 1-3 and ended up as a Sniper in STA with Kirkham in the Gulf with a few adventures on the Marine Corps shooting teams thrown in.    If anyone can recall how Eckert got reinstated to the Marine table at the E-Club after being banished for his relations with Snaggle tooth, then we are of the same era.    Semper Fi.

Posted 1-21-04
James P. Flynn, Jr., 1985 - 1987 (updated 5-12-08)

I was at MB Alameda from 1985 to 1987, in 1st Platoon.  Looking for anyone there during that same time.  Drop me a line.

Posted 6-14-04
James E. Smith, 1967 - 1971

I was at the MB NAS Alameda right out of bootcamp and music school. My first duty station. I was in first platoon from 68-69. Was the field music bugler there. Made L/Cpl and Cpl while I was there. Meet my wife as she came thru the main gate. So many memories of marching to the flag pole raisng and lowering the flag. The famous 1*3*5 alarms where you ran like hell to the nursery. Had the walking post at the end of the runway. Climbed over that fence many a times. Where I learned to do a junk on the bunk. Iwas sharp tho. I polished everything I could polish before going on liberty. Chased many a squid off our grass. Hated running guard. Left Alameda and went to Nam the end of 69 - Jan71. Was with 3rd Marine Amphibius Force. Wow, so many memories at the Barracks, good and bad. Semper Fi.


Posted 6-18-04
Dan Pecina, E-3, 9-73 to 8-75

I had a great time while at Alameda NAS. I remember standing post at the main gate on New Years Eve 74/75. My watch was from 11PM to 3AM. At about 2 am the party at the Officers club was starting to end. I remember the Officer of the day, was at our post checking things out when a carload of girls, 4 or 5 came exiting out our gate from happenings at officers club. A great looking girl said " Happy New Year "..Gimme a kiss. I wave the driver thru but the driver wouldn't budge,,,The gal repeated " Gimme a kiss ! " all the while hanging out the back door rear window. ...I wished I could have but didn't cause of the timing...the officer of the day was a real officer, not a Staff or gunney like on some other nites. They drove thru.....I missed that one! Like to hear from anyone from around that time.

Posted 8-23-04
LCpl Scott Kuriger, Dec 1987 - Dec 1989

I see a couple of familiar names here (Jorgensen & Trudell). Those were some great years there in Alameda. Now it's all gone, I went to see it the last day the Navy had control. Now it's a ghost town, our barracks are anyway...very depressing. Gotta miss that e-club too, spent many nights there. I'm still in the Bay Area, e-mail me if you know me and want to get together. Now married for 10 years and work at aninvestment bank. Names/Marines I remember: Gunny Alba/Ugatafa, Cpl/Sgt Simmet (saw him about 6 years ago), Sigler (I still owe you $120), Ochs ,Poland, Ramos, Gumataotao. God who else?

Posted 8-23-04
Keith Riley, 1962 - 1964 ( updated 9-18-13 )

My name is Keith Riley. I was at Marine Barracks, Naval Air Station, Alameda 1962 through '64. I was in the 2nd Section in the good old North Squadbay. Lt Col Bailey was the CO and S/Sgt Johnson was the Platoon Sergeant of the 2nd Section. Sgt Mata was the 2nd Section Platoon Sergeant when I first arrived.   Guys I remember are almost too many to mention: Traversi, Hale, VanBeynan, Householder, Roberts, Scott, Brinkman, Vasquez, Sands, Swearingen, Sheever, Kupsch, Torres, Cpl Neville, Sgt Hatcher, Cpl Hughes, and many, many more.   Scott and I used to do the color guard at the first Oakland Raider football games.   It'd be great to hear from anybody who was around during that time. Semper Fidelis!  

Posted 6-28-05
Cpl. Mack E. Ford, 1984 - 1987
2nd Platoon under SSgt Curry, Transferred to 1st Platoon last year

Some of the people I remember are Sgt. Buckner, Cpl. Fleming, Cpl. Green, Cpl. Robin Schaffer, LCpl. Burtlow, LCpl. Bennett, LCpl. Ramero and too many other names to mention. I am living in Weaverville, NC. I have been a UPS driver for the past 16 years. I am married and have 1 child. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. May God bless you all.

Posted 6-28-05
Gomez Alfredo, 1980 - 1982
2nd plt

To all the jar heads who was station in Alameda 'WE NEED A REUNION. Some body must have a list of name??????????         Semper Fi

Posted 7-08-05
Michael MacNeil, 1983 - 1985

I was stationed at Alameda from 83-85.  I was in 1st Platoon under the legendary TF Pede.  Who was there?  Bob Pruitt (went onto Hawaii), Ken Bussey (went onto 2/5), Gilbert Morales (whose email does not work).  Dean (from Diamondbar), Sgt. Britt (went to 3/7),   Fowler went to 2/7 with me.  Major Ottinger was the C.O. briefly and was replaced by Major Donovan, who is now a General.  1st Sgt. Holsapple (sic) was the 1st Sgt, and Gunny Ruhwedel was the Guard Chief.

Posted 3-10-08
Tom McLaughlin Cpl. Mac, 04-88 to 09-90

Served with Sgt. Spaziani, Major Strhan, First Sgt. Eff, Gunny Ugatafa, White, Stanton, Sparby, Kelly, Javier, Maxon, Washington, Jandegan, Lamatina, Howe, Where have the years gone. Miss those good old days. pass on an e-mail if you remember me.

Posted 5-11-08
Gysgt Crosby USMC Ret, 1986 - 1989

Marine Barracks Guam and Alameda, I was on Guam 83-85 and Alameda 86-89.

Posted 5-11-08
GySgt USMC Ret., 1981-1984

I went on to retire in 2002. A lot of names on the posts ring a few bells, but I remember Gy Ruhweded very well. I would like to find Cpl Cole, Cpl Salgado, Cpl Delarosa, Cpl Paul Hartman, Jack McWilliams, and anyone else who may remember me. Semper Fi

Posted 5-12-08
Charlie Zepeda, Cpl, 1970 - 1972

Just read 1 of the messages about not letting the squids walk on our grass---great--tradition carried on. Some of the grunts at 2nd floor, 2nd platoon---Shorty Danahy-Oregon, Dizzy Baker, Charlie Price, Norman-Okla, K-Tyson-Coshocton-Ohio, Joe Akins-St, Joe-Missouri, Joe Harris, Freddy Lee Horton, Gus Gutirrez, Mathis, Tx, Coyle--Part Papago, Mex, white, my best friend---Phil Arballo--east l a,. There used to be a bagpipe sailor that played in front of the church by the main gate in the mornings. Also spent New Years at post, Christmas---always had someone come by to give you some spirits...also had some great times at the EM club and it was possible to place a plank from 1 window to the other for a recon on the wave barracks. The carriers that called alameda port in December were the Enterprise, Ranger, Midway, Corral Sea, Oriskany and the Ranger. Always enjoyed going to the front of the chow line at noon---none messed with either platoon. We also had a football team, fast pitch and socceer. The last game of football was against the airwing and we made sure the fight was on our side of the football field. Also shut down the EM club 1 night and 20 jarheads from 2nd platoon sent 83 sailors to sickbay--no Marine casualties---riot squad ( 1st platoon) was sent to escort us back to the barracks. On a drinking spree we lower the flag at the city offices at Oakland---police were not too pleased---had to raise it back up cause it was lite and we were not ready to go to jail.... great memories from the 2 platoons, officers and staff NCO`s. Spent many a nights at alpha area also 

Posted 5-12-08
LCpl Scott Kuriger, Dec 1987 - Dec 1989

I see a couple of familiar names here (Jorgensen & Trudell). Those were some great years there in Alameda. Now it's all gone, I went to see it the last day the Navy had control. Now it's a ghost town, our barracks are anyway...very depressing. Gotta miss that e-club too, spent many nights there. I'm still in the Bay Area, e-mail me if you know me and want to get together. Now married for 10 years and work at an investment bank. Names/Marines I remember: Gunny Alba/Ugatafa, Cpl/Sgt Simmet (saw him about 6 years ago), Sigler (I still owe you $120), Ochs ,Poland, Ramos, Gumataotao. God who else?

Posted 5-12-08
Gary Pittman, 1965 - 1967

My name is Gary Pittman. I was stationed in the barracks from Oct 1965 - July 1967.  My Commanding Officer was Major D.J. Quick, Ex. Officer was Capt. Duncan.  I was in first platoon. Being stationed there was better than Vietnam. I still live in the bay area.  I was involved repelling protest groups at the Oakland Army Base, Port Chicago and Hunters Point.  I had the privilege of being in Admiral Nimtz Color Guard at his funeral. I am now Vice Commandant of the Mt. Diablo Marine Corp League in Contracosta Country.

Posted 5-12-08
Sgt Richard Bilyew (now MGySgt) 1981-1985

Hey, SgtMaj Ruhwedel, you old dog!  I just stumbled on this Alameda Barracks website, looking for a Helcat logo (the base team I played on).  Saw your post.  I'll try to email you.  I talked to wild man Pede a few years back - he was in Bridgeport.  I talked to gen Donovan a couple of weeks ago.  I am working in Manpower at Quantico:  .  Give me a shout. To others.  I saw the ref to Buckner, Shaefer, and Fowler.  Fowler, if you're out there, whats up?  MGy B

Posted 5-12-08
Sgt. Andrew Peterson, 1975 - 1978
Sgt of the guard Plt. Sgt. 2nd Plt.

Would like to contact anyone who served with me at Marine Barracks NAS Alameda. It was some good times.

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