Webmasters Notes and Comments

Posted 4-14-08

Hello Marines! Been a busy couple of years, as usual. Now I have time to work heavily on my sites. You can plan to see updates throughout this site as the days go by. The following will be done.

F All "Coming Soon" areas will have their pages constructed and opened.

F Have tons of items saved up over the past few years, which many have submitted. All these items will be posted

F Message Boards will be also updated and maintained.

F A new look will be constructed throughout the site.

F This, and all my sites are now on their own dedicated server. So postings have no limit and will be posted in a larger size format.

I want to thank you for your patients in the updating of this site, and if you have anything that you would like posted, this would be the best time to send them.

Semper Fi..... Jim Holub

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